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Slip resistance


Slip resistance

Ucrete benefit: No incidents at work due to slips, trips and falls.

Not every location needs the same degree of slip resistance. In wet process areas, floors are often laid to falls to allow water and liquid spillages to flow to drain. Free draining floors often necessitate the need for steep falls which require a good profile to be safe, while in general flatter floors are safer. You need a holistic approach to minimize slips, trips and falls. Enginneering solutions or a change of working practices and procedures might be required as well as looking at the effect of cleaning and footwear. The choice of smooth or textured floors in process areas is not always a clear-cut, that's why we offer Ucrete in a range of surface profiles to enable the floor to be tailored to meet your needs.


Avoid slips, trips and falls with Ucrete flooring: