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Ucrete industrial flooring is a range of robust floor finishes produced using the unique Ucrete heavy-duty polyurethane resin binder system which enjoys an equalled reputation for performance built since nearly 50 years of use throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemicals industries. Ucrete industrial flooring is cost effective because it is long lasting, quick and practical to install and meets all the needs of modern processing industry.


Philip Ansell

European Marketing Manager,
Ucrete Industrial Flooring

+44 1527 512255


Thermal resistance

Thermal shock can cause many types of floors to fail due to softening and erosion or through delamination. It occurs wherever there is a very rapid change of temperature.


Chemical resistance

Aggressive chemicals are encountered in many industries that will attack and erode many of the materials used to make floors.


Impact resistance

Heavy impact comes in all shapes and sizes, whether the dropping of meat hooks in an abattoir, steel kegs falling off a line in a brewery or the dropping of tools and access covers during maintenance.



The cleanability of a floor is of utmost importance to ensure a safe and attractive working environment. Ucrete flooring can be effectively sanitized to a standard comparable to stainless steel.


Fast Return to Service

Sometimes stopping production is really not an option. Ucrete flooring solutions are tolerant of substrate moisture and non-tainting straight from the mixer.